ECI, Hair Cuts, and of course SHOPPING!!!

This morning I woke up loving air conditioning. Wow what a difference 24 hours makes. It was nice waking up not all sweaty and sticking to the sheets. Josh's car is working and 100% legal so I don't have worry about driving him to work. I was thinking great day to do a bunch of nothing or maybe go on some sort of adventure. Then I looked at the calender. Dang it our ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) case manager was stopping by this morning. *sigh* I was so looking forward to not having to rush around this morning. Anyways she was here for about ten minutes. I got dressed for that? Eeh I guess there was still time for an adventure but the boys had gotten glued to the TV in that short time. Ethan said he wanted to go to the museum. I was starting the get-out-the-door-and-loaded-up-to-head-some-where ritual  when Ethan looked up and said that he didn't want to go anywhere.

ME: Um, Ethan didn't you just say you wanted to go to the museum? 

ETHAN: Yep, but not right now.

ME: If we don't go now we won't be able to go later.


In my head I'm going SWEET. I might get my lazy day after all. The boys played super heroes and ran around. When it was time for lunch Ethan asked when we were leaving for the museum. I reminded him of the conversation we had earlier but he wanted to go now. Ugh! I told him it was time for hair cuts the whole way to Cool Cuts 4 Kids I had to hear that he didn't need his hair cut. He already had a hair cut. My favorite was his hair isn't in his eyes. Once we go there, he was telling the beautician how much he loved getting his hair cut and how bad he needs it. Are all three year old bipolar or just mine? Then it was time for Preston's hair cut. I'm glad that I just wanted it out of his eyes and trimmed up a little bit. Preston is normally very wiggly but he was extra wiggly and if I wanted more it would have been one hot mess.

My mom called to let me know that Pier One if Plano off of Hwy 75 is closing and everything is 50 to 70% off and is only going to be open for 4 more days. I contacted Jen to see if she wanted to check it out with me. She was all about going. After the boys naps we headed out. I was shocked to see how empty the store already was. Some how I still managed to spend $75.