First full day of vacation!

We went SHOPPING!!!! I've discovered two things I'm an outlet mall snob and I'm a discount snob! Things I loved was at the Bath and Body works outlet store they had a 1.99 table and a .99. I also had a free signature item coupon for purchase of 10 or more. So I grabbed five body washes from the 1.99 table, a couple of items for the .99 table, and my full priced signature body cream and only paid 12.75. In case you couldn't count that was eight items. Then we went to several other stores, Josh picked up a few things but I wasn't really seeing anything. We eventually got to Ann Taylor Loft where I have been buying a lot of my clothes lately. The sale they have going on was 40%. Ehh, it isn't bad just a few weeks ago they had 50%. We had a coupon for 15% the entire purchase when it is over $100. My mom and I combined our items to make sure we spent over the $100 the store we normally shop at does it all the time, however this one wouldn't. What?? So I ended up not getting a couple of items. Then we went to Coach and were shocked when they handed us a coupon for 20% off. We almost walked right out, but decided to walk the store just in case. My mom and I were so bummed that it wasn't the normal 30% we didn't really see anything. In and out of a few more stores and eventually ended up at Sony. We were looking at some TV's (Our main TV is a CRT that is 20"). The sales guy came over and asked what we were interested in and I said cheap. They had a TV that was last year's model for $250 okay I was sold plus I had a $10 coupon!

Pass the baby is my favorite game!

pass the baby

more pass the baby

I love this game

pass the baby

Hey I'm here too. :-(
Hey these games are awesome!

My mom is going to kill me for the next couple of pictures! (No she wasn't drinking)
Man that was a great margarita!

That wasn't really a margarita?

Cake GOOD!!

Let me try!

Cake GOOD!


There is a cake party in my mouth!

Aren't we a scary group?

Seriously I'm in the picture. I think you can see the top of my head.