A great start to the weekend!

This morning we headed to the library for story time. Normally we drop of the books we had off then go into story time after wards will pick out other books. A couple of weeks ago I had a challenging time finding super hero books for the boys. This time I held onto the books we had and looked to see if we could find other super hero books and I couldn't. I was shocked how empty the shelves are looking. I just renewed the books we already had.

Then we picked up Josh and a couple of his coworkers, and headed to lunch. I love that I get to have these lunches with Josh every once in a while.

We picked Josh up from work then headed to the Allen Premium Outlet and meet up with my parents. Hagger is having a 70% off sale but my mom had a coupon for 76% off the entire purchase. Then it was off to Skechers for shoes for Josh. Josh almost lost his phone at the store. We had left the store and Josh asked me for his phone and I didn't have it. We went rushing back into the store. I was calling it on my phone and Josh was using the store's phone. I found the missing on a low shelf between a couple of boxes of shoes. When Josh called he was annoyed because he didn't realize I was back in the store and thought I had found it in my purse. When he realized the phone was in the store he was greatly relieved. The boys all left and my mom and I continued shopping. Ann Taylor has 50% off the entire store and I had a coupon for an extra 15%.

I'm not about to cause trouble!

Marching in a parade.

Trying to remove Josh's head

This is how I roll.

Trying to escape by any means necessary.

I've almost gotten away!

Whoo hoo I'm being freed.

What this didn't work out.

Mom this shoes really fit!

Okay these really do fit!