It so HOT!!!

I wasn't able to post yesterday because our electricity was turn off. Of course my cellphone was dead so I couldn't call to find out what was going on. Once Josh got home he called the electric company to find out what was going on. The electric company said that we hadn't paid. What?? Josh did a phone payment and were told that the power would be on before midnight the next day. l  double checked the bill we have and it isn't even due till the 7th. We couldn't check our online payment but Josh swore he had paid the power bill. We headed out to dinner to get out of the heat and figure out what are options were till the power comes on. We decided that we would go home after the sun went down. Ethan normally has a light on in his room so he was freaked out by the darkness. We gave him a flashlight that seemed to calm him down a little but he still wasn't happy. Around 4:00 he climbed into bed with Josh and I. He was thrashing around so much Josh decided to sleep on the floor. It was so hot that none of us really slept all that great.

Josh left for work early so he could check out the banking information and it turns out we paid the electric company on June 28th. Turns out we some how paid an old account.

In the morning we headed out early for soccer and stopped for breakfast on the way. The indoor soccer field wasn't any cooler than our house. It doesn't help that the field that we use is expanding so there are huge gaping holes in the walls were they are connecting to another building. If the holes weren't letting the air conditioning out they opened these huge garage type doors. Ethan had participated in half of Preston's class. Half way through his own class Ethan was waiting his turn and just start crying that he was tired and wanted to leave. It just broke my heart to see him so upset. I was able to get him cooled off and he was able to receive the medal they got for finishing the session.

We stopped back by the house and the power was still off. Then we headed out to lunch. Checked the house again, nope no power. I did what any woman would do in this situation and I called my mom to see if we could come over so the boys could get their naps. Preston slept on the way over and wouldn't sleep once we got there. Ethan on the other hand forced himself to stay up till he got to my parent's home. He slept for so long that I had to wake him up so we could leave for swimming. Preston once again feel asleep on the road again. Swimming for Ethan was a disaster. He was still tried and cranky. Josh pulled him from the class today it was so bad. Preston would get cranky while he had to wait his turn. He would start saying he was cold. I brought a cover up and he would want me to hold him while he had to wait. I stopped helping him put it on and just let him wrap himself in it.

When we got home the power was finally on again!!!!