Jock or Nerds?

This morning we rushed out the door to get Preston to his soccer class. We returned home for lunch then going back to Frisco Indoor Sports for Ethan's soccer class. Both the boys rocked their classes. When I returned home the boys napped and Josh informed me that Party City is having a clearance sale party supplies for .50 and costumes for $5.00!! Once the boys woke up we headed out.

The selection of costumes were pretty slim. There was only one infant costume and in the toddler sizes there were three. While we were there we scoped out themes for Ethan's birthday party to see if what he was interested in was on sale.

After dinner we decided to go to the library to turn in everyone's summer reading log. Turns out that Josh and I suck at looking at schedules. We arrived over an hour after the library closed. Oops. The boys were so upset. We decided to head to the mall. On the way Josh commented that I haven't gone on any cupcake runs in a while. I had to remind him that my favorite place is gone like the wind. When we walked into the mall there was a sign saying a new cupcake place opened. Ethan and I were ecstatic!! We stopped in a couple of stores then headed to the cupcake place to find that it had just closed for the night. *sigh* We are just batting a thousand tonight. Josh took Preston to the play area. Ethan and I quested for something sweet. We ended up getting some drinks and shakes. Preston had been pushing kids so Josh had removed him from the play area. We still let Ethan run around for a little bit. Ethan came out of the play area and asked to go to the book store. Really? You would rather go to the bookstore than play?  Okay off to the bookstore. The boys didn't want to leave but it was late.

I'm two and I don't waaant to take off my pjs.

Warming up

Getting to practice on the new field


Sweet costume for $5.00!

I'm a scarecrow! For $5.00

If I only had a brain

If I only had a heart!