A much better day!

Today's adventure took us to Fiesta Texas! The morning the boys, Josh, and I broke off from the group and did our own thing. My cousin's family wanted to go on the roller coasters, my parents wanted to see the shows, and the boys wanted to ride the kid rides. We headed off towards the boardwalk section of the park. On the way we found tea cups to ride in. While we were riding we saw a kid ride that looked like apples. The boys wanted to do that next. We went over to that section and found all sorts of kid stuff. We ended up just staying there till my parents found us after we had already had lunch. After everyone's belly were full we headed over to the water park area. Stayed there till that section closed then we finally got over to the boardwalk section. We had arrived at the park when it opened and left slightly after closing time.

What shocked me the most was all the bees. They were everywhere!!! We would get off a ride and couldn't put the boys into the stroller because  bees were all over it. We had bought the souvenir cups with free refills and had to check the cup every time before you took a sip to make sure it wasn't covered in bees. When I went to get the boys some food for dinner (My mom was watch the boys while I quest for food). I returned to see Ethan's water shoes off and the boys running around trying kill the bees using Ethan's shoes.

I love mommy's juice. Look at this big bottle!

I found shade! Its hot mommy!

Bees! All of those dark dots are bees!

We love these cars

Stranger danger!

Notice Ethan is the only one not scared! Love the death grip on the pole.
FYI... This was the Ferris Wheel