Nothing planned, man the kids wear me out!

The only thing on the schedule for today was Josh's swimming lessons. Josh is now able to drive himself around so the lessons didn't affect me and the kids. I asked the boys what they wanted to do today and they said Legoland. I tried to explain that we are going later in the week but they didn't care they wanted to go twice this week. Thank goodness for annual passes, I guess I'm going to be getting my moneys worth this week. When I arrived there were three large school buses unloading, not to mention the several daycare vans that were already in the parking lot. Then I remembered that the Sea Life was opening today right next to Legoland so I was hopeful that was where everyone was heading. When I walked into Grapevine Mills Mall I realized the line for Legoland was much longer than the line for Sea Life. *Sigh* Thank goodness for annual passes because we got to bypass the line and go in via the exit. When we walked in there was only a hand full of kids. It didn't take long for it to fill up. I lost count of all the daycares and park and rec groups that were at Legoland today. After about a hour and half Ethan started saying that he was hungry and wanted to eat. Outside Legoland the line looked like it was longer than when we had gone inside. We started heading towards the food court and the boys saw a mini cupcake booth. They were only a dollar. Then the boys saw a train so we went to check it out. There was a line and the conductor was no where to be found. I thought about taking the boys back into Legoland but I just couldn't. Ethan then said that he wanted to go to the splash park and I though that sounded like and excellent idea.

After the boys woke up from their naps they weren't interested in going anywhere else.