Out of diapers, oops. Wiggles, and I'm OLD!

This morning I realized the only diapers (Pull Ups) are in the diapers  bag. I decided it is a perfect time to start really potty training. Really that is the normal response right? Instead of running to the store and buy more diapers (Pull Ups). We have some washable training pants from when Ethan was training. Preston has been doing really well on letting us know when he needs to use the restroom. Apparently today Preston doesn't want to use the toilet. Now it has become the battle of the wills. Right now Preston is totally winning! *sigh* Josh decided that he is picking up some pull ups. I told Josh to get some M&Ms too. Today accident count was I lost track around ten I think. Successful attempts zero. Today's winner Preston. Tomorrow I will be armed with M&M's!

Tonight was the Wiggle's concert! Jeff the "purple" wiggle was not at the show tonight because he had a pacemaker installed. Last year show was better. I'm not sure if it was because the boys were just more into last year or if the chemistry was off because of the replacement. Preston had a ton of fun. Ethan just sat there even during his favorite songs then would ask if it was over yet. Finally for the last song he got up an danced then was upset that it was over. On the way home I put on the wiggles CD and he was singing and dancing in his car seat. Once we got home he told me how much fun he had at the concert. Seriously? I was ready to leave after about ten minutes because he was being such a bump on the log. Whatever I guess his teenage years are going to be fun because I think tonight was just a glimpse into the future.

After the boys went to bed, I was suppose to head out for a girls night of dancing and mayhem. (Yes Lauren, mayhem because anytime we hang out there is always at least a little mayhem.) I was just to tired and would have to spend way to long trying to look cute and I don't have any good dancing clothes anymore. Then I would be standing around feeling all awkward because I wore the wrong thing. If I would have gone it would have been fun but then I wouldn't have introduced Josh to my new love. http://thebloggess.com/