I called yesterday to reserve a spot for the boys in the fun club. I could only get 30 minutes. The class I'm interested in is 45 minutes. *sigh* I figured that I'll try again next week. Third times a charm right? I did the bikes again this week. My legs were jello when I finished. We had a HUGE break through with Preston. It was the first time we picked him up that he wasn't crying!! On the way home I realized that since I didn't get up early enough I didn't have time for breakfast and I was starving. We picked up donuts on the way home. I think I completely negated the work out I had just did.

I have no idea why Josh and I think that Ethan is going to be a theater nerd. He was laying on the couch while I was playing with Preston. Ethan started saying that he was cold. I checked on him. Ethan then informs me that he is dying because he needs super hero juice and he has lost all of his super hero powers and needs his battery charged.

In the afternoon we headed to Costco to pick up 50 gallons of peanut  butter and such. Okay we didn't really get any peanut butter this time. It stinks that we had to go because their coupons start on the 17th. I was trying to hold out but we had ran out of Preston's soy milk and several other items so we had to go. Ran into a couple of people while we were there. I'm starting to feel like I'm living in my hometown again where you had to always be put together when you stepped out the door because you just never know who you are going to run into. While we were there I'm not sure what demon over took my boys bodies but they turned into these crazy screaming kids towards the end of our trip. Josh handled getting checked out and I took the boys to the vehicle.

Once we got home they started play super heroes and bad guys. The bad guys are the throw blankets and pillows in the living room, of course the boys are the super heroes. They capture the bad guys and put them into the kitchen. Then Josh and I would help the bad guys escape and the boys would have to recapture them again. This game actually occupied the boys for quite a while till Ethan started dying again.


Good thing you worked out this morning mommy!

This is good stuff!

I just found the perfect chair

Look mom I'm lifting weights!

I'm tired

I'm dying

Greatest slide ever!

All aboard

I think I need a dentist!