Schlitterbahn the full story!!

The morning once again started of rocky. We got lost on the way to Schlitterbahn! We finally got to the park then there was an issue with some of the tickets. The boys were so hyper and just wanted to get into the water I thought I was going to pull my hair out before we got everyone ready to play. Eventually we were able to get all ten of us situated and ready to play. The rest of the gay was great. I was a little bummed that I didn't get to do more but the boys had a blast and that is all that really matters. Right? Josh did offer to watch the boys so that I could go on some of the adult rides. I didn't want to rain on his parade.

At one point all ten of us attempted to go down the lazy river together. The entrance we first found was connected to a shallow pool. We figured it would be great to be able for all of us to get into our inter tubes in the pool the just float into the river. The life guard for the pool didn't see things our way and wouldn't let us have the inter tubes in the pool area. We got the boys into tubes with bottoms and Josh was holding on to them so they wouldn't float away. Then we got my mom into a raft and she started floating away so Josh let go of Ethan for a second to grab my mom and the next thing we knew, Ethan was floating away. Josh freaked out and went after Ethan which meant he let go of my mom and Preston. I grabbed them and tried to catch up with Josh and Ethan. When I went to hook up with Ethan's tube, my mom floated away. Josh freaked out and went after my mom. Ethan was just over this whole river thing and wanted out of his tube. Preston wanted to be in the tube with me and was trying to climb out. I had no idea where my cousins or my dad was. When we came up to a kids section that had an opening Josh, the boys, and I ditched the river. Who knew the river was so stressful? Oh wait we were with my family I should have known. It seems we can make any ordinary activity an event like drinking tea from a straw. Yesterday I complained about the bees. Today they were still around but not nearly as think or annoying. But the bees today were much more determined! I didn't notice when we were leaving the park that there was a bee in my drink!! I didn't notice the bee until it was in my mouth from the straw! Butt first in my mouth!! Some how I managed to spit it back into the straw and the rest of the drink all over the dashboard of the car. The bee was still alive and stuck in the straw. Thank goodness Josh was driving because I complete freaked out!  He calmly told me to roll down my window and release the bee. The calmer he was the more FREAKED OUT I became. I followed his directions and the stupid bee didn't get out of the straw. So I so carefully flicked the straw and he got loose. I have no idea if the bug that is smeared down the side of the vehicle was my friendly bee or not. I thought I was going to be sick! Thank goodness my cousin who is on the trip with us is a nurse. So I told her if I die especially if it is from some funky disease it is the bees fault! Maybe I should google diseases from bees. Ooh I just found article in Wikipedia so you know it is true! Great now I'm freaking out that I could have some bee mite. Apparently, there is a thread about how to eat a live wasp.