A Soggy, Hot Mess of a day!

Day 2 of vacation started well rocky. When Josh and I bought all the attachments for the stroller we discussed getting hooks. We were all ready getting a mesh back to attach to the stroller plus the stroller already has a basket underneath. Yesterday while we were shopping hooks to hang bags would have been nice and I got crap the entire day about the stupid hooks. Today before we headed out to Sea World, we stopped at Target and got the hooks for the stroller. I thought Target was one exit down for the hotel we are at. According to Google maps it was a lot farther way then I thought. That caused Josh and I to bicker all the way to the store. Once we finally got to Sea World. I told Josh and Dad to get in line to get their meal plan wrist bands while my cousin was buying his ticket for the park. Nobody listened to me. Then we it was time to go in they realized that there was a long at guest services. More bickering with Josh. Finally we get into the park and actually start having an awesome time! We saw some shows, road some rides, checked out the sharks, Josh lost his phone. Then it started to rain, and rain, and oh yea rain some more. Josh was running around the park trying to figure out where his phone could have gone and came up empty handed. When the rain let up we left the kids with my parents and I joined in with the hunt for the phone. Eventually the rain returned and we decided that it was just time to go. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

All loaded up and ready to go!

We are here! Sea World!

Hey look there is Josh's phone. So we know it was at Sea World.

Just before it started to rain!