Thursday, July 14, 2011

This morning was all about getting the toys picked up before the speech therapist came over. This was the first time that Preston was his normal quite self with the therapist. The therapist asked if how he was playing today was his normal or if he was being shy. I told her it is normal and why I called for him to be evaluated and how I'm normally in awe of all the words she can get him to say. In the past five weeks Preston really has started to "talk" (many times I've wondered why do we want him to talk?)  I just hope that he isn't starting to revert.

The boys went down for their naps fairly easy today. I had done all my normal while they sleep stuff and had just decided that I would work on Mount Saint Clothes (yes it is back and bigger than ever!) I took one step in that direction and there as a loud "pop" sound that made me jump and woke up the kids. The noise only happened once and I have no idea what it was. I tried to get them to fall back asleep but it was futile. I guess Mount Saint Clothes is going to have to keep waiting. *sigh* The boys were being all cranky because they were still tired but refused to go back to sleep. I figured that they just needed to be able to run around for several hours but with today's high being 103 degrees I figured we either needed to be inside or in water. The boys wanted to go swimming. *Yikes* I've never taken both boys swimming by myself a year ago I would have pulled out the kiddie pool in the backyard and called it good. This year I put my big girl panties on and headed to the Frisco Athletic Center (FAC). I don't know what I was smoking when I put my master plan together. We arrived that FAC a little after four o'clock. After getting every changed and restroom breaks it was probably 4:30 when we go into the water. At five I was thinking that Josh would show up at any minute with dinner. Then at 5:15 it hit me Josh doesn't even get off work till 5:30 and he was still going to have to stop for dinner. I did tell them we had to stick together and they had to stay were they could see my eyes because if they wouldn't then we would leave. The boys were awesome. We did just stay in the kid area, it is eleven inches deep, and it has a play structure that has two slides, and rope ladder, several buttons and ropes to mess with that will spray water, the area also has several other things that sprays water or dumps water out. Basically it has a ton of stuff to keep the boys occupied for several hours. They closed just the kiddie section for "maintenance" just as Josh arrived with dinner. We figured the rest of the outside area was going to close shortly so decided to just play in the inside pool. We had been inside for a while and  I noticed someone and used the pool as a restroom. I pointed it out to a life guard and then the inside kiddie pool was closed of "maintenance". That was okay because the boys wanted to really swim at this point. The boys and I were at the pool for just shy of four hours. Needless to say they didn't fight going to sleep tonight.

Sorry for the lack of pictures but I don't trust myself with electronics and water.