Typical Sunday!

Today was just a typical Sunday. We didn't rush into anything this morning. At one point I built a cave for the boys. Then we ran some errand. We ran into someone that Josh works with. I'm really starting to be weirded out by the whole running into people. When I worked, I worked an hour away from where I lived. Josh was working over an hour away too. (main reason he quit his last job). The boys were so well behaved we let them play at the playground in the mall. We headed over to my parents home for lunch. Played some cards while the boys were sleeping. Dinner, swimming. A little prep work for our upcoming vacation.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will remember that Ethan's soccer schedule has changed. 

I have a bow and arrow (sort of)

Okay it is really a hanger that doesn't hang.

I have a bow and arrow too.

Don't we look cute wearing matching outfits? My dad hates it when my mom dresses us a like.

Taking a nap in our awesome bat cave.

still looking adorable in our matching outfits.

about to slide