A Vacation Preview!

With the title I'm sure you are expecting a snap shot of where we are going to go and what we are planning to do.

The preview is actually how the boys are going to handle the trip. For those who have vacationed with my parents you know there is very little down time.The fact that we have prepaid for our tickets for all the attractions we are planning to go to, unless we are in the hospital, we are going. Josh and I were almost in an accident today because someone ran a stop sign, and we joked that if we were in a full body cast my parents would still take us to the parks.

My boys do really well as long as they are fed, watered, and sleep according to their normal schedule. If they get off schedule they turn into whinny, crying aliens. I'm a little concerned how they are going to handle this whirl wind trip we are about to take.

Back to the vacation preview.

Today was a birthday party for a friend's child. We basically just all met up at Legoland and let the kids run around. I figured I would make my life simpler and just carry the kids backpack that we use as a diaper bag. I swear during the day the stuff in the bag grew because I had to start carrying things that had previously fit into the bag. Which meant I didn't have enough hands to make the boys each hold one. Preston kept laying down trying to get me to let go of his hand. I would end up having to carry him. Ethan would lag behind thank goodness my friend had a spare hand so Ethan would walk with her. We actually stayed at Legoland the longest we have ever been there. We didn't leave till about 2:30. Ethan was able to keep himself awake the entire way home, Preston crashed out. Ethan didn't stay awake for long after we arrived home. What shocked me was they woke up at their normal time. *sigh* After dinner we did some shopping in preparation for our trip. We ended up getting home and hour after Preston's bedtime. The boys were impossible to get to sleep.

Go car go!

If you aren't first, put it in the fence.

My car is so fast I'll let you have a head start.

Preston booty

I found a worker to play with me

I found a worker too!

Okay we will share

I found someone to carry me

I'm looking for someone to carry me around

Maybe a lego person will?

I couldn't find anyone to carry me. :-(

Not as crazy as Wednesday, but still busy.

Ha ha, she still is carrying me around

I'm ready to slay dragons!

I'm ready to slay my brother!

Did you know that Lego didn't start making the plastic bricks till 1958? and the company was started in 1932.