Working out, Underwear, and Fireworks

Working Out

Wow, I didn't realize what a long day I had till I started typing. This morning I was going to try out another water aerobics class. I check the website several times to confirm that the athletic center was having classes today. I made reservations for the boys in the fun club on Thursday since I overheard parents complaining about not getting their children into the fun club because it books up so quickly. I was shocked when we checked in that the pools were completely closed till noon today. The class and reservations were at 9:00. Ethan was so excited about getting to go to the fun club, Josh was planning on working out on their bikes so I figured I would join him. I thought I was going to be swimming I didn't wear "work out" clothes, (I had on a tank top with beads on it, jean shorts, and flip flops) I was about to get on a bike when I realized I didn't have headphones or a book with me. Then I remembered I had left a book in the car. On the way back into the center I ran into a family from the preschool. When I was done working out I headed to get the boys when I ran into another mom from the preschool. Man this apparently the place to be on Saturday morning. I figured Ethan would love to play with the kids that had just arrived and Josh was still working out so I ended up just checking on Preston to make sure he wasn't freaking out. All was good so I hung out in the cafe till Josh was ready to go. When we went to pick up the boys Ethan didn't want to leave but after letting us know that he was having fun and loved seeing his friends from school. We reminded him that his nana and papa were going to come over today he was ready to go. Preston was crying when we picked him up. He wasn't doing the freaking out I'm about to hyperventilate crying. It was I'm throwing a tantrum cry. Turns out the teacher had just told him no. He was giving me an ear full that he want to play with something and wasn't happy that he didn't get to.

I don't know what the boys do in the fun club but once we go home they just wanted to lay around and veg because they were worn out and tired. I guess I know what we are doing on Saturdays mornings!


Preston has been letting me know when he needs to use the restroom and has been dry on several occasions. I figured that I would see how he does with real underwear. He was so excited that he didn't even want me to put his shorts back on. He loved his Lighting McQueen underwear. I did put a pull up over his underwear while he napped but he woke up dry. He did have one accident but Josh and I were talking and didn't realize that Preston was saying he need to go potty right away. I'm hopping that this time potty training will go a lot smoother.


This evening was Frisco's Freedom Fest. My parents came over we had pizza (I know it is so traditional Fourth of July food). The festival was located in front of the library. I figured that the best place to park is where I normally park for story time. Turns out that I was correct! There was hardly any traffic on the way to the festival. We ended up making several trips to the car and it never seemed like a hike. Because of where we parked the area that we decided to watch the fireworks from was pretty much vacant. Leaving however was another story. Getting out the parking area wasn't a big deal it was getting on the one open street that didn't take you to the service road was a challenge.