And then there was a dog.

After I got home from dropping Ethan off at school and Preston crawled up in my lap and put his head on my shoulder I realized that he was burning up. I took his temp and it 100.7. Got an appointment for Preston right away.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel the meeting that I had with the school's director to discuss the issue that I'm having with Ethan's homeroom.

Turns out Preston just has a cold and will be fine. Then the director was able to meet me after wards.

It was a great meeting and all my concerns have been relieved.

I was about to head home when I realized that I still had five coupons for free three piece combo meals at Raising Cane's. I called Josh to see if he and Mark would be interested in meeting for lunch. Ethan amused Mark by playing youTube videos on my phone. The videos below are some of Ethan's favorite.

Purple People Eater

Sonic Sings Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Sonic Sings Witch Doctor

Ethan's favorite and the most disturbing

Now when Ethan is suppose to be going to sleep he will lay in bed singing, "They are coming to take me away, Ha ha." Yep that is great parenting!

Over lunch Mark mentioned that he would love to bring their dog over for the boys to play with it. I did a quick mental run down of our schedule revealed that tonight would be the only night that we were free. After approval from Jen a plan was formed.

Josh and Preston picked up Thai food. While they were gone Mark and Jen arrived with Leah. Ethan loved Leah but he was also afraid of the dog at the same time. He would call Leah over by saying Lisa, then when the dog would get near him he would run away. Eventually we went outside and Ethan loved chasing the dog around. Eventually Preston and Josh arrived. Preston reacted to the dog the same way. Leah is the sweetest and most chill dog ever.

After dinner I had to introduce Mark and Jen to the shaved ice place that we have fallen in LOVE with. Josh and I decided to just have the boys share a shaved ice. 

Mommy I don't feel good.

I'm working on a get well card for my great grandparents. Just need a snack first for inspiration.

There is a puppy in my house.

Preston: I'm not sure about this dad.

Preston: I'll move way over here.

Preston: The dog is going to eat me!

Ethan: I'm glad the dog is over there.

Mommy let me in this hair ball is going to attack.

Blue Coconut shaved ice is baby crack for me!

It just needs a few more gummy bears.

Preston: I don't want to share.

Fine I'll take it not a problem.

My tongue is blue.

Puppy I'm glad you came and played.

I need more human blood!!

Leah: It is time for me to go and now you are giving me love?? *sigh* kids.

The dog didn't eat me!

Glad that Mark and Jen brought Leah over. I don't think that we are going to be getting a dog any time soon. I do have a feeling that a dog is going to be in our future but is still a couple years away.