Another Baseball game!

This morning I happened to be dropping off Ethan at the same time another boy in his class was getting dropped off. I asked his mom if we could do a play date with our boys sometime. The boy's twin brother hear us discussing the possibility of getting together. The brother went running up to his teachers excitedly explained that he is going to have a play date with Ethan. I didn't even realize the twin brother even knows Ethan because they have never had class together.

Today the tickets for the mommy and son dance went on sale. After I picked up Ethan, we headed over to buy tickets. I'm super excited about the dance!

Tonight we went to another Rough Riders baseball game. It was a company outing for where Josh work. I was a little bummed that Mark and Jen weren't able to attend but they have been having car issues. Then again they could already be getting sick of spending time with Josh and me.

The company had reserved a party deck that included food and drink. We set up near the end of the section. First it was the only table that was opened but it turned out to be great because when the boys were running around they weren't disturbing anyone else. Our little area became the kids section.

There is a ball game going on?


Right above the bull pin.

Play time

Mom this is AWESOME

Ethan: This is the first time I've had to be a wing man!

Warming up!
Preston: I'm going to warm up too.

Baseball players please talk to me

Come on I'm a super fan!

Is the game over? I want to nap.

Preston: That sound like a great idea.

This is the spot!

Ethan: I'm out.

Josh: I'm ready for bed!