Another Date Night!

Things I learned today:
1) Jen and I are easily entertained.
2) Mark will NOT be my official photographer at Ethan's birthday.

Tonight was the final reservation that we had for Restaurant week. We saved the best for last; The French Room. This restaurant is amazing but you might want to brush up on your etiquette classes before you go.

On the way to the restaurant there was a lot of traffic. I know downtown Dallas, shocking. Anyways, To cut down on traffic we exited going the wrong direction on Commerce street then just make a U-turn. The place that Josh turned around there was a port-a-potty just sitting in the median. There wasn't any construction near by or any other activities going that would require a toilet in the middle of an intersection. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to grab my camera to get a picture. Jen and I were vastly amused.

Our next source of amusement came when we passed a group of protesters at City Hall. Not sure what they were protesting. Once again it was worth the price of admission.

Finally we arrived to the Adolphus Hotel. For an appetizer I had the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake and it was the best crab cake I have ever had. For an entree I had their chicken dish. The chicken was good. Josh and Mark both got the beef tenderloin. I stole a bite from Josh's plate and it was amazing. It was the best meat that I have ever eaten. Then for dessert I had Peanut Butter Chocolate Decadence Cake. It was yummy. Just typing this up is making my mouth water. We are definitely going back next year for restaurant week, or if Jen wins the lottery. Which ever happens first.

I fail as a food critic because I didn't think about taking pictures of each course till I saw another table taking pictures of their desserts.

Jen's dessert. French Room Soufflé.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Decadence Cake
 What entertained Jen and I the most was when we were walking out there was as guy on the other side of the street putting on a bright pink inter tube. Once again I wasn't quick enough pulling out the camera. Wearing high heels I wasn't about to run to try to get the picture so I sent Mark to get the photo.

If you squint just right you can kind of see the guy. I quickly fired Mark as the photographer and make Josh hunt down the guy to get a better picture.

Real men wear pink inter tubes!
I warned you at the beginning of this post that I am easily entertained.

Now for the pictures you really want to see. Once again I fail at camera and left it at home for Preston's soccer class. Since we had been up so late the boys and I over slept and didn't wake up till it was time to be leaving for soccer. Preston wasn't really conscious during his class. I kind of regret that we even took Preston to class today instead of letting him sleep. Ethan had a great class. I'm really impressed in how well he can handle the ball when he wants to.

Ethan: Ready, Set, GO!

Coach we are going to get you!