BIG, HUGE, Decisions are coming!!

The day itself was very nondescript. Josh and I have been discussing about possibility of hosting a foreign exchange student. That means we would have to have our guest room and office completely set up in a week. Yikes! I don't see that happening right now, especially with Josh working on TWO side projects! They do have a program for kids that come in January and right now that looks a lot more realistic for us.

We are also starting to discus about where Preston is going to attend preschool next year. As much as we love the Musical Art Schoolhouse for Ethan, we don't think it is going to be a good fit for Preston. Then again depending on Preston's progress he might be attending to the Frisco ISD preschool program the whole discussion might be mote point. If it isn't our top school for Preston's application deadline is October 28 and we have to have a campus tour and an application coffee before we can submit the application. We could wait another year but the number of kids that are accepted when they are three is 72 and for new four year olds are 15. It just makes it a lot harder to get accepted after the first year.

That is a serious Frisbee

Mom this thing is almost as big as me.

Look it is a UFO!!

I'll just stick to playing with my balls.

This thing rocks.

Look I made a nest for the ball.

This cut grass is awesome!

I'm a bird.

Preston: This nest is better then your ball.

I need a bigger nest

My nest is bigger than your nest!

I'm learning how to do yard work.

Bye nest. I'll miss you.

Preston: Forget this, I'm taking my nest back.

Ethan: While Preston isn't looking I'm going to take his nest.

I'm taking my nest back!

Now the fighting starts.

Fine you can have this part back.

I don't want it.

I'm over the nest and ready for some bubbles.


Ethan: I got it!
Preston: No I got it!

Me: I love this bubble blower. Otherwise I would be having to blow all of the bubbles.


XOXO (What Ethan is actually writing)

Preston: I want to write too!

Yes Ethan is actually writing Go and Stop.