Monday, August 8, 2011

Cirque + Josh and I've got pictures!

Josh bought the cirque deal last week. Today Josh decided to join us. I couldn't wait. I was expecting Josh to be a complete train wreck. He did start off a little shaky but ended up kicking our butts. After wards Josh admitted that it did kick his butt.

Having fun coloring

playing with trains

Dude trains rock

I found some plans on the internet. Mom don't ask

I've gotten my big brother to assist me 

Doesn't everyone just hang out on?

Preston: "Dude, I know how to do this"

Josh: Stacey, I don't know why you complain about yoga kicking your butt?

Josh: Okay I'm starting to feel the burn.

Me: Josh didn't I tell you that you would be upside down?

We just hang out

Enough pictures of my butt!

Me: I'll just take a nap

And stretch

I'm not sure what the boys are doing

Have I mentioned how much we are upside down a lot in this class?

We look so happy, I think it is all the blood rushing to our heads are making us loopy.

My abs are going to be hurting after this

yep another butt shot

What a shock we are upside down

Josh: are you sure my body is suppose to bend like this?

Josh's butt shot. I'm taking another nap.


I feel like a kid on a swing. Wee

Ethan taking a nap

Josh still swinging

Josh you have been cleared to take flight


Yep that is Ethan still napping. I don't know where he gets it from

Our turn to fly


Look mom no hands!

I'm going to get you 

weee. No serious I think I need changed

My turn to fly


I'm flying!