First day of Preschool

This morning trying to wake Ethan was like waking up a teenager. The morning was him being cranky because he had to wake up early. Once we got to school he was excited about going to school.

My little Ethan is getting to be such a big boy. I still have my concerns about the homeroom that Ethan is currently in. I do love that there are several boys in his class this year.

I had forgotten how easy just having one child to wrangle. Preston and I ran a couple of errands then went to pick up Ethan.

Ethan had a wonderful time at school. I love the concept of the school and the teachers are awesome.

Tonight was all about CirqueFit. The boys were so adorable in their class. They loved showing off after my class ended.

I booked Ethan's birthday party! This week is going to be about getting the invitations done and hopefully out by Thursday. We are going to to have the party at CirqueFit! Ethan also wants to have a super hero themed party so I'm not quite sure how I'm going to tie it all together but I'll try.

This is my inner teenager pose!

Mom you really should feed me more.

To cool guys headed into school.
Okay you can leave now. Are you done taking pictures?

Man I've missed these toys.