I give myself an A++ or 100.

 Lesson learned: Even regular couponers can get 100% savings.

Tonight I headed to the store with only two coupons in my purse and high hopes that I could actually achieve a couponers ultimate goal 100% savings at a grocery store. Of course it helped that the two coupons were for free 12-packs of Coke products from http://www.mycokerewards.com. The sale that Tom Thumb is currently running is buy two twelve packs get two free and get two bags of chips for free.

The cashier was impressed and asked me where I had gotten the coupons from.

Now for pictures of the  boys.

I look so innocent

It's nap time

Mom seriously when are you going to get me into modeling?
I'm so cute
Yes Mr. Moo Moo Cow still is around.