Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I met with a nutritionist today because I'm very concerned about Preston's weight. She was very nice, but I felt like I was the worst mom ever once she left. Then again she hasn't ever actually tried to feed my child. The nutritionist did give me some ideas on how to get Preston to eat more vegetables and fruit. My first attempt was at lunch. As soon as he saw the broccoli, Preston pushed the vegetables off his plate across the table and said no broccoli. *sigh* This isn't going to be easy, but it will be worth it. The nutritionist did weigh and measure him today. I had the information from Preston's last doctor visit for her to compare. He is still less than 3% on height and weight, but he did gain a pound and grow an inch in the past three months.

I'm super excited that Preston actually grew. What he has gained in three months was how much he grew between his 18 month check up and his two year check up. I guess I'm not the world's worst mom because if I was then I wouldn't care. I need to thank Josh for reminding me of this.

Second attempt of adding veggies to our diet was at dinner. One of the suggestions was to eat pizza with as many veggies as possible. Ethan had me pick everything off except the meat and still only ate one bite. Preston took off all the toppings and ate the dough. *sigh* Seriously it is pizza. He loves pizza!!!!

We went to swimming, then afterwards we headed to Sprouts. I love Sprouts because their weekly sales run from Wednesday to Wednesday. I should mention that the multivitamin the nutritionist suggested was also sold at Sprouts. Man, that vitamin was expensive. Then I think about parents whose child(ren) have serious illness and twenty bucks doesn't seem so bad. I also had Josh and the boys with me so my bill was higher than if I had just gone by myself. Hopefully Ethan and Preston will shoot up like little weeds. Who knows maybe I'll lose those last few pounds that I can't seem to shake since I've had my kids.

I'm so excited the boys are playing nice with each other.

Big swimming arms!

This looks like a great place to hide.

Okay it wasn't that great.

I'm ready to go to work.

Big breath.

This is the life!

Preston's turn!

Up and down.

Another big breath!

I'm working on my kicks!

I am Houdini! I can escape from anything! Even the pool.

Look, I've already got a cheering section!

I'm just hanging out

Kick, kick, kick