I need to stop trying to cram so much in one day!

This morning started off with taking Preston to soccer. It was the first time that Josh had joined Preston's class. He didn't realize that it was a Mommy and Me class. I think he understands a little more about how hard it is to take both boys to Preston's soccer class. Ethan's class is slightly easier because I sit with Preston and he is generally tired.

I was suppose to attend a pool party this afternoon but it was canceled do to the rain showers we had today. After it was canceled I was slightly relieved because I don't think I would have enough energy to make it through the day. This evening we headed to the Rough Riders game. It was a ton of fun like always. While I was there I looked into season tickets. There are a couple of different options of meal plans and such. Both options also had different number of tickets. It looks like it is something we will defiantly do for next year.

Preston: Daddy come get me.

Josh: Preston are you ready for this?
Preston:I was born ready!

Preston: I'm going to get you!

I'm going to own this obstacle course

David Beckham watch out!

And this is how it is done!


Looking for bugs.

I think I saw one here.

Mom maybe you should show us Bugs Life before you kids us outside.

I found a feather.

Where are we going?


Mom this is the life

Josh trying to be a baseball star!

Look numbers

I lied earlier. Cotton candy makes this the life!


Mom did you just see that play!!! It was AWESOME!!!

Christy and Rachel making sure not to get hit by a fly ball.

To top off the great night the Rough Riders won!!