I was sleeping when I wrote this...

I completely blanked yesterday when it was time to write my blog. Glad so many people loved the pictures. I had a terrifying incident yesterday. Josh took the vehicle we normally transport the kids around in to get an oil change. I still had to take Preston to soccer. We (I mean Josh) put Preston's car seat into little blue and off we went.  I think the other parents were shocked to see a mom pull a two year old out of a Miata, but whatever. Preston loved riding in the "race car". However when I got home I apparently didn't pull the emergency brake hard enough and when I went to unbuckle Preston the car started rolling. I was trying to use my mighty strength to stop the vehicle from rolling while reaching into the car an pull the emergency brake. A car passed by and stopped to make sure nobody else drove past so my car could safely stop. I'm very thankful that I didn't fall and that I hadn't unbuckled Preston from his seat yet. After I had gotten the car back onto the driveway and the emergency brake fully engaged. It hit what had just happened. It took me several attempts to actually be able to dial Josh (he had taken my phone). I was still shaky once he finally arrived. What did Preston think of it? Great question. When it was time to leave for dinner, Preston went running up to little blue and was pulling on the handle saying race car, race car. Good thing Josh hadn't moved his car seat yet. I'm starting to think that I should rename my car to Christine in honor of Stephen King's book. Is about a car that kills people. I guess that is a little harsh since I don't even have a scratch on me and it isn't the car's fault that I didn't properly set the break. I guess for now I'll still call it little blue.

As for today. Josh is AWESOME! He actually got up with the boys at 6:30 and let me sleep till 10:00. I think he wins the husband that rocks award today.

The boys and I headed over to my parent's home for the normal Sunday thing. While I was going through the ads I saw that Kohls had a $10 off any kids clothing purchase over $20.  Sweet! They had some separates on sale in the ad. Once we got there the was a ton of things on clearance. My mom took $20 dollars worth of stuff to the check out and I grabbed another $20. Between the two transactions we spent $20.67 and according to the receipts we saved a total of $98.91.  

I swear I didn't drug the kids!

I'm mommy's helper!

This is awesome!

Can I do this every week?

I missed a spot

I'm not trouble

I just jacked Ethan's bike

Doesn't he look so sweet?