Sunday, August 14, 2011

A lazy Sunday!

Josh was Captain Awesome today! He got up with the kids and took them for donuts so I could get some more sleep. I know donuts aren't really on Preston's diet but it is slightly better than the food he ate last night at the ball game. *sigh* Baby steps, right?

When I finally rolled out of bed, the house was eerily quite. I found everyone outside playing. Ethan was asking Josh how to spell Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, these goblins are from Spider Man. Josh then told me that Ethan had been just writing words in chalk all over the patio. According to Ms. Montessori, she first started working with normal kids that they started off writing before they were even interested in reading. I'm super excited that he is interested in writing words. That means reading is going to be right around the corner.

The last time we were in the Lego store I picked up a store calender. I noticed this weekend if you checked into Foursquare at the Lego store you get a free alien Lego. Free and Lego you know that I was there. Josh had already checked out the sale table before I hardly walked into the store. He was all excited about a Toy Story 3 Lego set that was marked down. Ethan and Josh checked out the displays they have all over the store. Preston wanted to check out the Duplo toys. Preston found a Cars 2 set that he asked for. I was able to convince him that he really wanted a smaller (cheaper) set. Josh and Ethan filled up a cup of  Legos. When we were headed to the checkout Ethan saw the same Cars 2 set that Preston had just asked for. Josh and I decided to pick it up too. Because we spend over $75 we got (according to Josh) a little guy with a jet pack.

Now son this is how you are doing.

I love the bookstore.

I love LEGOS

I'm not going to let you take my picture!

Okay I'll let you take my picture but I will kill you first!

Okay I'll smile now since I looked at the other pictures first.

I still love my LEGOS

Ethan: Okay I'll let you take pictures of me playing legos.

I have more Lego min figures!

My free flying guy!

No dad it is MINE!!

Lego guy say cheese

I still love my LEGOS!
Josh's mini lego man collection. The kids aren't allowed to touch them.