A little cow is never enough!

This morning started off with Preston attacking Josh as he was about to enter the shower. Josh figured he would let Ethan and me sleep in, because in our house 7:45 is sleeping in. When Josh started towards the living room Preston wigged out because he wanted his cow (aka. Mr. Moo Moo).

A little back store Mr. Moo Moo was bestowed on my family on Ethan's second birthday by my parents. Ethan played with the cow some but generally it just sits around in different areas of the house. We have had this cow for two years now and today is the first time it has been officially named and apparently is now a permanent fixture with Preston.

Today being Sunday we headed out to my parent home to assist my mom and general weekly visit stuff. Mr. Moo Moo had to accompany us this week. It was so adorable when Preston was laying down for his nap he was using the cow as the pillow and saying my cow.

On the way home the boys started fighting over the cow. Ethan wanted the cow so badly that he traded Preston my phone for the cow. However after a few minutes Ethan was over the cow and wanted the phone back. Preston wouldn't trade back. Ethan finally persuaded Preston to trade the phone for an Etch-A-Sketch.

Update on my mom, she is doing well. She is frustrated that she only has the use of one hand. Things like fixing her hair and doing her make up have become challenges my dad is have to assist her with. Apparently getting my dad to blow dry my mom's hair was a two hour ordeal. Today I gave him a class in how to use a straight iron on my mom's hair. I tried to take pictures of the greatness of my dad being a hair dresser but my parent's confiscated my camera.
Me, my "birds" and the cow.

Preston: This cow rocks!

Batarang practice.

Direct hit. I'm on the way to being a super hero.

Preston: Spy Mater is so much more affective!

Preston: You're smooshing Mr. Moo Moo!

Mr. Moo Moo are you okay?

You are looking so much better.

This pudding is great!


I'm getting kisses from Mr. Moo Moo

I'm getting kisses from Papa

No more kisses.

Bye, see you next week!