Massive Coupon Score!

It is official the summer is about to come to a close. Today Preston and I turned in Josh's, Ethan's, and Preston's summer reading logs. Yes it wasn't an accident my name was left off the list. I read painfully slow so I've only read one book (Okay I am shy a few pages but I lost the book) this summer. I know I'm a great example for my boys. After turning in the logs I'm thinking about trying to be a speed reader and read three more books by tomorrow for the last day to turn in the logs. Anyways the adults get put into a drawing to win a bunch of free dinners and tickets for stuff around Frisco. The boys got packets full of COUPONS and tickets to different activities around town and free kids dinners.

We thought we would use the kid eat free at Hacienda Ranch, because Josh has a punch card for a free meal as well. Sweet we could all eat for the cost of one meal and drinks. When we pulled up the place was packed and it was already thirty minutes past the boys normal dinner time. We did let them have a little snack before we left so they wouldn't be trying to chew their arms off while we had to wait. The snack wouldn't tied them over for that long of a wait. Then we decided just to hit a drive thru.

Once we got home it was time for Thunder Cats!!! I think it is funny that Josh never watched it when he was a kid and I'm the one that insisted we set a recording for it. Now Josh is more into the cartoon than anyone else in the home.

Note to my brother: Mike, your action figures that are still at mom and dads might end up in the boys play toys. Thought I'd let you know. Love you.

Today was also Ethan's last day at camp. The theme of the came was space explores. The school rented a HUGE bounce house rocket thing. They were setting it up when we arrived and Ethan couldn't get to class fast enough. I'm sure he (and all the other kids) drove the teachers nuts asking if it was time to got down the slide yet.

Pictures courtesy of the Musical Arts Schoolhouse