Me and my great ideas!

Josh and I decided that we would try to do the theme park exercise routine (TPER). What is TPER? It is an exercise routine that I pulled out of my butt. (Before you start any new exercise regiment you should consult a your doctor.) Basically a million years ago I worked at a theme park for nine months. (yes I am older than dirt!) While I was there my roommates and I lost a ton of weight. Let me tell you we were living off of theme park food or fast food so I know the diet wasn't what got the weight off. What did take the wait off was we walked. When we were working we walked. When we were off work we would go and play in the theme park, once again we were walking. In a nutshell, TPER is just walk till your legs fall off or just keep your body in motion. We decided that we would try to work out every morning for an hour. Josh called and made reservations for the boys at the Fun Club at the Frisco Athletic Center (FAC) for 6:00. Josh and I woke up an the butt crack of dawn (5:30 am). Got the kids fed and dressed. Then headed to work out. Apparently Josh forgot to say am or pm when he made the reservations and the Fun Club doesn't open till 8:00 am. *sigh* I got up early for this? We left and headed home. Frustrated about being up this early and not working out I suggested to go for a walk. I have decided two things this morning. Early morning work out people are just to darn perky. That a great drinking game would be every time someone says hi super perky you take a shot and every time a cop drove by you take two shots. It is probably a good thing Josh and I didn't play this early morning drinking game because we would have been trashed. It was fun coming up with the rules.

By 9:00 I was regretting not going to the grocery store last night because we are out of soft drinks and creamer for coffee. Man I just remembered we have the powered creamer. Oh well. I didn't have time to think because it was time for speech therapy. Man the boys were acting like they were on crack or something. They were so hyper. The therapist gave me some more ideas on how to work with Preston and is excited that Ethan is going to be at school during her next visit. After the therapist left my quest for caffeine continued. I decided on making some ice tea. While I was waiting for the tea to finish brewing, Ethan wanted a snack. That is when I saw it! A two litter of Coke hiding behind some Gatorade!! SCORE!!

I guess my TPER idea isn't so terrible, I think I'm loving taking the boys for a walk instead of going to the gym means I get to sleep and extra hour.

Tonight I went to the grocery. I'm total fixated on the fact that my estimated bill was 3.13 off that my actual bill was. I can't figure out where I messed up. I guess I shouldn't complain to much because I did save 61%. Which translates to a total savings of 52.30.

Why are we up this early?

Mom I'm ready for nap time. Some crazy person got me up at 5:30 AM.

Now that I'm thinking about that crazy person looked a lot like you!

I'm a zombie trying to build stuff.

I'm not sure what I'm building but it is going to be AWESOME

See my mom does give me veggies!

The most valuable items Ethan owns! Apparently they are his super hero tools.
I don't get it either.

Mom seriously can we please take naps? I know it is only 9:00am but please?????

I found the coolest toy ever!

Can't find me now!

Now it is a race car

We don't own a real sprinkler. When I went to water this spot our sprinkler system isn't hitting the boys thought it was play time.

We followed you out to water the grass and thought it was play time.

Who need a bathing suit not me!

I'm a drowned rat.

Me too.

Ethan: I have an idea why don't we race!
Preston: In this heat are you nuts?

Ethan: We can run though the water.
Preston: Okay I'm in. Eat my dust!

Ethan: Whatever! I kicking your butt!

Ethan: I won!! Eat my dust fool1

What just happened?

Ethan: I just owned Preston!