The most expensive $5.00 refund!!

Today my mom and I went back to the Chair King this time we went to the Plano location. Once we got back to my home I realized that we were over charged on the pitchers we bought. I over paid by five dollars. My mom over paid by 12.50. My mom had to complicate everything because she had written a check. It was just a simple refund. To make the cashiers life easier she just offered us store credit. *sigh* I already bought everything that I wanted that was on sale that was an extra 50% off. My picked up a ice bucket (because she loved mine) and that is when I found out that I was over charged on that too. My mom convinced me that I needed to buy a cooler. Okay it isn't just any cooler it is a 77 quarts rolling cooler. I love that Amazon has it listed for 114.49 because it is on sale at the Chair King for 79.99 - 6.56 + tax = my out of pocket cost as 79.49. I'm just hoping that Josh doesn't kill me for buying a cooler that we haven't had a need for. Actually I'm now trying to convince Josh we just need to have a party.

The greatest part of the story is Josh is doing the dishes and is cursing me because I just bought so many that he can't seem to get caught up on them.

Preston cuteness: My mom and I were trying to figure out where to have lunch and we just happened to be passing a Twin Peaks then a Hooters. My mom shockingly vetoed both. (yes that was sarcasm) She did however looked over her shoulder and asked Preston if he wanted to go to Hooters. Preston got all excited and with a huge smile said yea. Like he really knew what it was.

More randomness: Dimples cupcakes is back!!! Well sort of. I don't know all the details but they had shut down, then they had a mobile store, then it got sold to a group of investors. The latest saga is the store has reopened in the same location with a slightly different name. Dimples cupcake factory. The cupcakes do taste the same. I'm hoping that his time the store will survive.

Oh today was also swimming. Enjoy the pictures.