Need more Caffeine!!

The day started off by running out the door! Ethan started summer camp today. I was shocked to see how many boys were at the Musical Arts Schoolhouse today, then I realized it is space adventure week. Preston was very upset that we left Ethan. Once we got home he was extremely cranky and clingy. Then we had a meeting with our ECI case manager. Next thing I knew it was time to go pick Ethan up. After naps we headed to CirqueFit. During the day Josh had emailed me that had a special for CirqueFit. When we got to the class they showed me that they used Ethan's picture as one of the three images in the slide show. Man, Aerial Yoga kicked my butt!! In a good way of course. I was also informed that they are starting a kids Cirque troupe unfortunately kids have to be at least five years old to be in the group. However, next year Ethan will defiantly be ready to join the group if he is interested. On the way home, we stopped at the Chair King to help my parents pick up our new couch. After dinner, my parents left, and the boys went to bed, I went to the grocery store. It has been over a month since I've done a couponing shopping trip. Before any discounts my total was 85.66. After using the store card and coupons, I saved 51.05 making my total 34.58. I saved 60%!! Did I mention that I picked up twenty more bottles of Gatorade.

Maybe I've had too much caffeine!

Juggling scarfs

Our new love seat!

Its comfy!

Wow this was a great buy!