Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ode to the last week of Summer!

I know summer doesn't officially end for a few more weeks, but since school starts for Ethan next Monday I've decided this week is going to be the week of fun for the boys.

Day 1: Legoland.

When I parked the first thing I noticed was NO daycare vans! Sweet. Hopefully it won't be as crowded as the last few visits. Walking up the line wasn't bad and once we got in it wasn't busy at all. The boys went straight to the play structure.

After about an hour one of the workers call me over because of Preston. They were concerned that he was too young to be in the play area and he should really be in the Duplo area. I explained that we are annual pass holders and he has been in the play structures several times, and since the entrance to the play structure is on the opposite side from the Duplo area I can't be there for both kids, so they let Preston stay.

The part that really annoyed me was there were only one or two other four or five year olds in the section with Preston. Honestly when I first got called over I was expecting to be told that Preston was playing too rough. I have pulled Preston out of the play structure when there were older kids that I thought were playing too rough. A little later I saw Preston go up the play structure and after awhile I didn't see him. I had the same employee go look for him. When the employee found him he'd made it all the way to the very top of the structure and was about to go down the slide.

Ethan had a great time. I was impressed because Ethan didn't drag one of the workers around the structure. About one o'clock I decided that it was time to head home, but first we have to get through the Lego store. For those who haven't been there I'm not being funny. To leave you have to walk through the store. Of course the boys wanted stuff. Ethan got another Cars 2 set. Preston got a cop figure. I picked up a couple more mini figures for Josh. I was hoping to be able to keep Ethan's set for his birthday. However after we got home from CirqueFit classes Ethan was ready for his Mater and nothing would distract him.

After class I felt like I could do standing back flips (something I have never been able to do).Who knows maybe after a few more months I might. One thing that was a bummer is there was an incident last week at Cirque and now nobody is allowed to take pictures during the classes. I was promised they would take pictures of the boys and send them to me for the website. However, this week they weren't able to take pictures.

The aliens are attacking the train!

A closer look

Ethan loves Miniland

UFO attacking Dallas

ooohh there is a button

Preston loving the Duplo pit

Ethan loving the jumbo blocks.

Wee slides are great.

Preston: Mom when are we getting a puppy?
Me: If it is like this one as soon as we get home and you make it!

Preston: But I don't know how to build it.

Where is everyone? Loving how empty Legoland is today