Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A slower day!

Ethan went back to camp this morning. Once again Preston started crying as we were leaving. He then told me that he was sad because he wanted to stay. I told him that he had to be potty trained, so we will see if his potty training goes up a notch. Ethan kills me because in the morning he didn't want to go to camp and in the afternoon he didn't want to leave.

Tonight is National Night Out! We headed to our neighborhood party. It was the first time that we have participate in National Night Out. It was really the first time we have had a chance to participate in a neighborhood activity. My goal of the evening was to finally get my hands on the pool access card. Second was to meet a couple of the neighbors. I didn't actually get a pool card yet but I was directed to who I need to contact to get one. I'll label that as a score, for now. We did meet a couple of neighbors with kids. Ethan and got a long with the other kids, however the kids didn't like Ethan's little brother. Preston apparently was playing a little to rough. *sigh* I don't if this is just a "phase" but this past week it just seems like he has gotten more aggressive. His tantrums are getting worst too. At this point I'm chopping it up to terrible twos.

This plate is better than the hot dog