Sunday, August 21, 2011

Somedays you need to have a little cow!

Day 6:

This morning Josh got up at the butt crack of dawn for his first Team In Training group run. When he returned it was time to head out for Preston's soccer class.

Today it was all dads in the mommy and me class. Several moms were on the sidelines watching. It is amusing because you can tell the dads aren't the ones who normally do things with kids. There was on family the kid would start screaming and the dad would bring their son to the mom to get him to calm down. Yes I'm aware something is wrong with my head to get such enjoyment from watching the dads struggle.

A quick run to Costco then it was back to soccer for Ethan's class. Ethan did fairly well today. He actually is one of the stronger kids in the class. If he could get the game playing part down he might actually be a decent soccer player.

Home for naps. Josh and I put the boys down and we were doing chores around house. When we started hearing commotion coming for the boy's room. I rushed to see what was going on. Preston was trying to drag his cow in to his bed. I was vastly amused by his attempts so instead of scalding him or helping I did what any great mom would do and grab my camera! Eventually I helped him get the cow into his bed and Preston was over the moon. A short time later I did a check to see how the boys were doing and Preston had pulled several other toys into his bed that there was barely enough room for him. I removed all the toys and Preston didn't really care until I removed the cow. I let him have his cow back and all was right with the world again.

After nap time we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese to continue the week of fun. The boys were extremely excited especially when they saw Papa Will and Bobby. The boys ran around for a while then Ethan said that he was getting hungry. Fortunately it was right after the pizza arrived. More running and playing ensued. After a couple of hours the adults were ready to go. The boys didn't put up much of a fight so I think they were ready to leave too. On the way home we stopped and picked up some shaved ice. Josh had the cookie monster again, the boys had sugar free grape, and cherry ice, I had the best tasting shaved ice ever red velvet. I swear it tasted like eating a red velvet cake with a different texture.