This morning was all about meeting with Preston's nutritionist. It turns out that Preston actually lost a couple of grams since the last visit a couple of weeks ago. Preston had been sick since the last time he saw her. We discussed a couple of issues like Preston refusing all fruits and vegetables now. She seemed please with some of the changes that we have made. Now we have need to add more calories to Preston's diet. Also while talking to the dietitian, she believes that Preston has stopped eating the vegetables because it his way to be in control. Great. Now I need to read labels and look for things that are high in calories and I need to get real butter and try melting it in to Preston's food. Sounds yummy but I feel like I'm going to have to make high calorie but healthish meals for the boys and low calorie meals for Josh and I but it is suppose to all look the same so the boys don't realize we aren't eating the same food.

I was so consumed about trying to tweak dinner so that everyone could eat the "same" meal that I completely forgot about swimming is earlier. By the time I remembered class had already started. We pretty much arrived when classes was ending. Ethan's teacher let him stay and do the following class until everyone arrived for that class.

After swimming we headed to get some shaved ice. The boys then wanted to run around outside. We decided the back yard was being over ran by dragons. I'm just excited that the boys weren't trying to kill each other with the foam swords.

Watch out world I'm going to be a rock star!

Dragons beware. Knight Ethan is here!

Page Preston hasn't quite figured out proper swore etiquette.

This dragon is slayed!

The dragon has injured Ethan!

I will take care of this dragon!