The week of fun continues!

Day 2:

Today's adventure took us to the Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco. The last time I took the boys I went ahead and got annual passes. We got there an hour later than I wanted. We were running late because Josh forgot to take his swimming bag to work. When we pulled up to Josh's work the boys got all excited and asked if Daddy was going to the museum. They were disappointed that he wasn't.

Once we finally got to the center story time was just ending. I was bummed because I love the experiments they do at story time, however the boys tend to be distracted and want to play with the magnet wall instead of listening. Our first stop was the hanging noodles. Ethan ran around but Preston wasn't really interested. He found the dancing leaves and decided to play there instead. When Ethan saw that he could be on "TV" with the dancing leaves he joined Preston. The boys were great, at one point Preston started getting a little rough with Ethan. After a couple of minutes in the stroller Preston calmed down and returned to playing nice, even when a slightly older girl was being mean to him.

There is a table that has these little wood blocks and a girl was hogging the entire table and all the blocks. This girl made Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory seem like a well behaved child. It was almost comical because Preston would take the blocks from the end of the table the girl wasn't working on and hand them to her. She would finish the end she was at then realized that the other end was messed up. After a while her grandfather came over and I couldn't believe the way she was talking to him. I have never seen a child be such a brat. I think my children are brats at times but after meeting this little girl my kids are angels at their worst. Thank goodness Ethan had to go to the restroom so we could get away from her. When we returned I made sure the boys started playing as far way as we could get.

After dinner we headed outside to play. Nothing wears the boys out like running around outside especially in this heat. At one point a bunny found its way into the backyard and the boys quickly spotted and started chasing it. I love these little moments.

Josh started training again. This time for a full marathon! What has me excited is that he joined Team in Training which benefits The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I'm glad that he isn't doing it alone anymore. I think he is going to be more prepared for this run than the two previous ones.

So much to do. Can't decide where to go first!

I'll dance like a leaf.

Now we are two dancing leaves.

This is how we do it.

Look we are on TV!

Ethan: Now this is how the experiment works!

I found balls!!

Look mom!

Ethan: Now we are going to learn about bugs.

I love this place

Spin the wheel.

I found another thing with balls.

Still spinning.

I found something else to play with.

Preston: Ethan this is how you do this one.

Our favorite location. We love magnets.

Ethan: We did it.

Preston: Are you sure something looks funny here.

I really look like I know what is going on!

Mom how long is my time out?

Alright cars there is a lot on the line here!



Get out of here!

Thank you. Thank you.

Now for my next trick.

I'm going to draw a road.