Friday, August 19, 2011

The week of fun took a day off today. My mom had hand surgery today. While I was getting everything together it reminded me of when I would prepare to visit my dad after his heart attack. The surgery itself is a minor day surgery. My mom has arthritis in her hand, bone spurs, and in her joint it was bone on bone. The surgery removed bone from her hand and was replaced with a tendon.

My parents and I arrived about the same time and we parked just a few spots away from each other. It was nice because my parents walked my boys in while I loaded up the stroller with all the toys and activities to hopefully keep the kids occupied for the next several hours.

My parents signed in and I scouted out an area to set up. The waiting room was the oddest shaped room I've ever seen. I was looking for a corner that was out of the way and there just wasn't one. Then I noticed a door marked play area. Score! There weren't any other children waiting today so we had the area to ourselves. The room wasn't huge but there was enough room for the kids to play and not disturb the other people waiting for their love ones in surgery. After surgery two people at a time were able to see my mom, but the kids were to young so someone had to watch the boys. The three of us kept rotating between visiting my mom and watching the boys.

At one point I was back with my mom and she was asking me to feed her crackers and hold her drink. Then it hit me that there wasn't anything wrong with her other hand. My filter between my brain and my mouth at that moment was a little broken, so I don't think that I was very nice when I told my mom to pretty much do it herself and uncovered her hand. Of course it didn't help that the nurse stopped me on the way to my mom's  room and nicely told me again, that my mom just needed to use the restroom then she would be released. I got the feeling they were wanting her to start moving already. Apparently, it was the swift kick my mom needed because thirty minutes later she was discharged.

When we were leaving Ethan started asking if he could go home with Nana and Papa. My mom explained to him that she needed to go home and take a nap. Then he asked my brother if he could go home with. No Ethan, Uncle Mikey has things he needs to go home and do. Then Ethan informed me that he did like his home. When I finally got to the bottom of why he didn't want to go home, it was he didn't want to take a nap. I explained that he missed nap time because we were at the hospital for so long. He was okay and ready to get home. What I love was before I was able to get the car into reverse Preston was sound asleep and before I left the parking structure Ethan was gone. I don't know how they boys do it but they woke up when I pulled up to our home. Preston woke up extremely cranky and wouldn't let me put him down to unload everything or even close the car door. Finally after an hour and half he wanted down, that lasted about five minutes and wanted to be held again.

I'm worried about tomorrow because the boys sleeping schedule has been messed up for a couple of days now. The boys are really getting cranky.

After dinner we put Preston to bed for the night because he just needed to go to sleep in a major way. I fell asleep just before it was time for Ethan to be put down. Around 10:00pm Josh decided that I needed to wake up. Then I could fall back to sleep after wards. Tomorrow is going to be fun.

This table rocks. Mom we want one at home!


There are magnets in the boats and you can control them from under the table.

Papa getting in on the action.

Yaay Mickey!

Mike vs Dad. According to Preston this round goes to dad.

Mike you won this round

I'm so over the table now

Cheese. Papa you didn't look!

Preston: Papa the last picture would have been perfect if you were looking at the camera.

Preston: Um I've over the whole taking a picture now.

Thank goodness for Curious George.

Mom resting after surgery.

Love the manicure.