When I dropped off Ethan I had left his backpack in the car. When I came back in I hear Ethan singing. *sigh* Once again he was singing They are coming to take me away, ha ha. What cracked me up was his teacher was singing.

Today I started doing "school" with Preston. I'm using This month's theme is learning about your body. We were playing  game where we labeling body parts on a picture. Then Preston started labeling himself.

This evening was all about CirqueFit classes. I can't believe how much fun Kimberly makes working out. She totally kicks my butt every week and I'm really starting to see major improvements in my flexibility. I have decided that I really need to start working my arms out because I just don't have the upper body strength that I though I had. Today about mid way through class I could tell the boys weren't really listening. I ended up having a come to Jesus talk with the boys and it seemed to work.

After the boys went to bed I started on Ethan's party planning. I have decided that I'm just not a creative person. I can see some thing and then tweak it to make it my own but I just can't come up with ideas on my own. Needless to say I've been doing a lot of Google searches.