Friday, August 12, 2011

Where is the nanny and the house keeper?

Today I had some grand plans to go somewhere and so something great with the kids. However I never moved past the somewhere and something phase of the planning. I even offered taking the boys to Legoland but they were not interested. Instead Ethan wanted to make a castle. We made one using the couch and a tent (as the dungeon). Which lasted till Preston destroyed it. Then we changed it in Wayne manor and the Bat cave. Which looked similar but we removed the hole so Ethan couldn't just lay and watch the TV with the blanket on top of him. This creation didn't last long enough for me to get a picture. Hurricane Preston struck again.

The whole food thing is making me feel like a 1950s housewife that lives in the kitchen. Made scramble eggs this morning and waffles. For lunch made fish sticks and mac and cheese. I grated squash cooked it then added it into the mac and cheese. Then I gave the boys half a banana. Dinner was tuna helper, corn, and made from scratch cheddar biscuits. What did Preston eat? a waffle, 2 1/2 fish sticks, and a cheddar biscuit. I let him pig out in his morning snack and he didn't eat any of his afternoon snack.

While I was in the kitchen the boys kept trying to wrestle each other or destroy the house. I really don't know how moms kept their houses spotless and their children seen and not heard. Then again  they were all perfect. That sure isn't me.

We moved Preston back into a big boy bed again. The first time around we had issues with Preston staying in bed and then waking Ethan and the two of them pulling all the toys out and spreading all over their room. We eventually put Preston into the guest room in his play yard. Another problem was the mattress on Preston's big boy bed was to soft for him. The boys have a box that their kitchen came in at Christmas that is huge and they love playing in it. We figured that Preston would love sleeping in it. We moved his toddler mattress into the box. Preston couldn't have been more excited when we showed him the bed.

I'm the king of my castle!

Complete with a dungeon. Behave or in the dungeon you will go.

You don't see me.

Mom kicked me outside to run off some energy!

Not really I wanted to chase the bunny in the backyard.

Now we are kicked outside to run off our extra energy

We will defeat the evil slide once and for all!

Man the slide won again. I'll get you next time!

I can strut my stuff

I'll get you!

This is the best bed ever! Ethan is going to be so jealous in the morning!
I love this bed!