Another lazy day.

This morning Preston woke up when Josh was getting ready to go for his run at 6:00 in the morning. Seriously, I need to get him to understand the days of the week and that weekends are for sleeping in.

On the way to soccer this morning, I tried to take pictures of the hunters while I was driving. Needless to say the pictures aren't that great. The urban hunters crack me up.

Ethan didn't like having to sit on the bench by himself. Preston wasn't really interested in the class. After about ten minutes, I gave up on the class and we headed home.

I was about to head out with Ethan to his class when Josh wanted to come too. At first Ethan didn't want to listen but then again it didn't seem like any of the kids wanted to listen.

While the boys napped Josh took care of his phone issue!! Yes world Josh has a phone again! It has only been over a month but he finally has taken care and you can start calling again.

While he was gone I was flipping through a magazine that came in the mail today. It had a 10% off coupon for Dimples cupcakes. Score. I was kind of thinking about getting cupcakes for dessert tonight anyways but this coupon was just the icing on the cake.

Awe my boys!

Ethan: Daddy I love you

Newest trend in men fashion!

Its soccer time.

Daddy that isn't how you do it.


Just call me the blur. I'm so fast!

I'm scared too.