Ethan's Doctor's appointment

I sent Ethan to school today. He was fine yesterday about an hour after I sent an email to the school's director telling her Ethan was going to be out for the day.

While he was getting educated, Preston and I ran around town getting things done for Ethan's party this weekend.

FYI: The dollar section at the front of the Target I shop at is having a 50% off the brown dot sale. I got some awesome things for the goody bags for .50 cents each. I totally lucked out that there were a million Spider-man coloring books and dry erase boards.

Preston fell asleep before I finished going everywhere I wanted to hit today. I just let him sleep. I  had scheduled Ethan's well visit a million years ago (okay it was like four months ago) 3:00 sounded like a great time. Today that time didn't sound so great because it was in the middle of the boy's normal nap time.

At the appointment Preston was screaming and crying pretty much the entire time.

Ethan had a great appointment.

Height: 38 in. (10%)
Weight: 33 lb (25%)
BP: 88/58
BMI: 16 (65%)
Vision: passed
Hearing: passed

The doctor commented everything looks great, just don't expect him to be a NBA player.