The grass isn't always greener.

I had a friend come over for some dating advice. When she first explained the situation I told her to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Tonight was going to be their first date and I told her if he is a good southern guy then she should expect to be treated like a princess. If he doesn't open doors, pull out chairs, or pay the bill, then he isn't worth her time. Frankly, the first date is going to be one of the best dates the guy is going to do. If he doesn't treat you right he needs to be out the door.

Then the text started coming in from the guy and before she left my house, the date was canceled and I'm glad it was. If a guy that hasn't even gone out on a date with you and he is already not respecting your wishes he needs to keep on going. My friend preferred to meet the guy some where, at the restaurant, a coffee shop, heck even where they first meet. The guy started giving her all sorts of crap asking if she thought he was a stalker or something. I was like dude I wasn't thinking that till he said it.

My goodness there are times I think of all the crazy stuff I got to do when I was single like driving a race car every weekend. Then my single friends always come through for me and remind me the single life wasn't always rosy.