I have lost my mind

This morning Josh asked me to pick up a couple of personal hygiene items for the family. I figured out who had the diapers the cheapest. Clipped my coupons. Got Preston ready to head out. Grabbed my purse and couldn't find my keys. An hour and a half later I finally found them underneath some of the capes that were left over from Ethan's party. How in the world did the keys get there?

Because I spent so much time looking for my keys, I didn't have time to prepare for the play date at the park right after picking up Ethan from school. When I got to Ethan's school, Ethan was sitting off by himself. I couldn't tell if he was just needing to take a moment or if he had been put into time out. Turns out he just needed a moment because he was upset that he didn't get to stay at the school for lunch. I'm sorry to me it isn't worth an extra $140 a month for Ethan to have lunch and take a nap at school. It is okay every once in a while if I have something else planned that and it might be easier if Ethan isn't there. For example, when my grandmother had her eye surgery or when Preston had speech therapy in the afternoon. I tried to explain to Ethan that we had a play date for lunch but Ethan didn't care. I told him if he would act like a big boy I might let him stay on Wednesday. He didn't want to do lunch bunch on Wednesday he wanted to stay today. *sigh*

I finally got him into the car, hit a drive thru, then meet up with the play date at a local park. I failed at using the camera and didn't get any pictures today. It was nice getting to hang out with a couple of other moms from Ethan's school. Hopefully we can make this a weekly activity for our kids.

After naps, it was time to head out to Cirque Fit classes. Today Josh joined us. I managed to get on the wrong highway so we ended up going to class a completely different way than I had ever gone. Turns out it was a much faster way then how I had been going. I figured on the way home I would go the new way. Some how I manged to get lost. Josh was feeling nauseous after class and need me to pull the car over. What normally takes between 30 to 45 minutes took over a hour and half. Good thing where I pulled over had a Schlotzsky's and the kids and I were able to eat.

During the class, Josh was shocked to see how much I've improved since the last time he was in class. I have noticed that my body is starting to look more like it did pre-babies. I'm even starting to be able to put on my pre-pregnancy clothes, however they are still snug. I think if I start taking another fitness class that in another month or so I could actually fit into all of my old clothes.