Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm the meaniest mom EVER!!

Josh and I decided not have Ethan open his presents at the party. We have been to some parties that the kids did open the presents and the other kids were bored or tried to open the presents too. It just caused too much drama. We have been at parties where they didn't open the presents and it didn't seem like any one cared.

Ethan ever asked to open the presents during the party. I don't think he even saw them.

Our vehicles don't have a lot of storage. My parents agreed to haul some of the stuff back to their house and we would pick it up the next day. We just packed the cars based on size and not what it was. Once we go home and unloaded, I realized that my parents took Ethan's presents. He had to wait till today to open the presents.

It is such a shame I didn't get any gifts for my birthday.

I love that he actually stopped and looked at the books he got.

Preston: Nana will you open the play-doh on your carpet?

Dad you better not steal this magnetic blocks!

Awesome Bat cave!

This looks a lot better than the cake yesterday.

Ethan: Preston pay attention this is how you build.

Nana I don't want to try the coat on.

Wait there is someone with a camera?


Daddy please open.

This is a cool bat cave.

Daddy don't juggle my new toys.

Ethan won't notice if I try on one of his cool toys.
Iron man Rocks!!