Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Preston had a visit from his nutritionist. Great news Preston is has grown taller and put on weight in the past month. I'm so excited that he is moving in the right direction. The most exciting news is that Preston's height is almost on the growth chart.

While the boys were napping I was working on the capes. They are actually looking pretty good. I'm also starting to find my rhythm.

Tonight was swimming. Both boys did well during class. I'm glad the boys love the water.

After we got home the boys were willing to try out the capes.

I had to make a quick run to Hobby lobby for more supplies for the cape project and for another project that Josh was going to start on tonight after the boys go to sleep.

Preston wanted to join me on my trip and he had to wear his cape to the store. Finally. The boys are showing interest in these capes. I was starting to worry that they were going to be a failure.

I make this look sexy!

I'm a rocker super hero!

This is going to be the table decoration for Ethan's party. Yep we are missing an "A" because the store was sold out and they don't get a shipment till Friday!! I guess I'll be spending part of my day tomorrow hunting for the "A".