Thank goodness the party is over.

I surprised myself on how calm I was this morning leading up to the party.

All was running smoothly, until...
Ethan had some motion sickness on the way to soccer.
And Josh went to pick up the cake that was suppose to be ready by 10:30 didn't get finished till. 11:40.

I ended up getting to Cirque Duo Studios fifteen minutes before the party was suppose to start. Mark and Jen were already there ready to help get everything set up for the party. My parents were running late and had most of the decorations in their vehicle. Once we got my car unloaded, my parents arrived. So I didn't have a chance to freak out about them running late. Right when everything was unloaded kids started arriving for the party. Well crap on a stick.

We ran around like crazy people getting everything setup. Josh and the boys went to pick up one of Ethan's friends. Ethan was able to arrive fashionably late to his own party. A couple of the parents asked where Ethan was. Nothing like being late to your own party.

Once the party actually started. The kids started the Mini Cirque Fit Class with their super hero capes. The parents were able to sit and mingle. I was able to finish getting everything set up and mingled myself.

The kids loved getting to flip upside down, spin, and fly. The parents loved that the kids were getting so into it. The pizza arrived prior to the kids finishing the class so the parents got to eat before the kids. Which I think, worked out well. It was nice to actually get to sit and eat with out "mommy, I want..."

The worst part of the party was we forgot to bring a lighter for the candles. Oops. Fortunately we were able to find some matches. However we couldn't get them to light. We just sang to Ethan. Then cut the cake.

We opted not to have Ethan open the presents at the party. We did set up the heroes headquarters, bowling, the bean bag toss, and a spider-man punching bag. We failed in getting the bean bags out so shocking that didn't get played with. The headquarters was a big hit.

When it was time to leave parents started to take the capes off the kids. Once I told them they got to keep the capes the parents and kids were excited. I'm so glad the capes were a hit. I was starting to worry because Ethan and Preston didn't really pay any attention to them while I was making them.

The craft project that turned out the best was Josh's letters. Josh has become an expert at decoupage.