Sunday, September 25, 2011

We went to the Dallas Private School preview today. We checked out several schools. There are a couple of schools that we love but are just to far away for us to drive in the morning. I'm just amazed by all the different types of schools. There is one that teaches completely in French. There are schools that specialize in learning disabilities. It is almost overwhelming. There is defiantly a school for everyone and every type of learning style. I'm not sure we found a school for Preston yet. I guess we start phase two and start going to "coffees" and campus tours. This is crazy for a preschool, granted the preschools lead to amazing private schools.

Then it was off to a birthday party for one of Ethan's friends from school. It was nice to be able to visit with the other parents from the school. When we first arrived I didn't see anyone that I recognized. Turns out there was only one other mom from the school that was there but I didn't know her because her husband took their daughter to Ethan's party. Shortly after we arrived the twins arrived too. Yea someone that I recognized. What I loved was that the boys actually played together even with Ethan's friends around.