A whole lot of nothing.

Today was actually a lazy day around the Varner home. Preston and I figured out a structure for the Super Heroes Headquarters. Then we ran some errands. I FINALLY picked up baseball card holders so I can organize my coupon binder. I found the holders at Toys R Us. I over paid for them but it I haven't been able to find the cheap ones. While I was at Toys R Us I had to check out the clearance section. This weekend Toys R Us has an extra 10% off the clearance of the pools. We have a little, very little plastic pool that both boys barely fit into. I found a bigger blow up pool that I think will last a little while. I also found a bean bag toss game that if for kids. I thought would be a perfect game for Ethan's birthday party. After nap time the boys wanted to play with their new toys.

Preston helping with the headquarters

Love the new pool

This pool is fun too.

Seriously why play in one pool when you can play in two?

Mom we don't understand why dad thinks you go over the top.

Ethan checking out the game for his party

The boys love it!

Josh: I didn't say she was over the top I said she is getting a little carried away with the party.

Art project. Learning about bones.