Why my husband is boycotting twitter.

I was going to post about Ethan turning four but I'm to tired so maybe tomorrow. Now you are warned that this post is a little punch drunk.

Now back to the post...
Josh and I were talking about nothing then he mentioned that he might be interested in getting a twitter account.

Me: Okay have fun tweeting.
Josh: Do you know why I don't have a twitter account?
Me in my head: Because you're awesome
Me: Uh, no.
Josh: Because someone took my account name and there hasn't been any activity on the account.
Me: are you sure that you didn't just forget your insane password?
Josh: I tried to email me the password but it didn't work.
Me: *sigh* Then it isn't your account if someone else has it.
Josh: But it is the username I use for everything. Oh, I wonder if I could contact twitter and get them to deactivate the account.
Me in my head: Only if you are awesome.
Me: good luck with that.

Side note: The video below is why there is so much awesomeness in this blog.