And there was a pumpkin patch.

This morning Josh left with the boys to go to my parents home. I stayed behind because of the cake decorating class that I had at JoAnn's today. I had so much to do that I didn't have time to really get to enjoy the empty house for a couple of hours.

Just before the boys all left I checked the calender and realized this was the only Sunday that my parents could go to the pumpkin patch that we have gone to every year since Ethan was born. I quickly grabbed the boys costumes. It isn't that I'm super organized and had the boys Halloween costumes already. It is Ethan has been living in his Spider-man costume that he got for his birthday. A couple of months ago Party City had some costumes on sale for five dollars and I picked so up for the boys and they have just been sitting in their dress up bin.

In the cake decorating class we learned a couple of different flowers and decorated cupcakes. I made a couple of green hairy monsters for the kids.

As soon as I got to my parents home we headed to the pumpkin patch to make sure we got their before it closed. Turns out that we didn't even have to rush because they didn't close for over an hour when we got there.

Once we got back to my parents I raided my parents home for more things on my scavenger hunt list. I'm pretty impressed with how much we have already gotten.

After diner we had the cupcakes and I was impressed that Ethan actually ate the cake part of the cupcake. I normally just cut off the frosting part and give that to Ethan and have Preston eat the cake part. Preston doesn't normally like the frosting. Today however they each got a cupcake and Preston ate every bit. Ethan didn't eat all of the cake part but he eat the majority of it. To me that is the biggest complement anyone could give me.

Maybe I've missed my calling in life and should have become a baker. I don't like cooking but I love baking. My dad asked what motivated me to take the decorating class. I explained it was something that I've wanted to do while I was still waiting tables but never found a class that would work in my schedule. Last year I couldn't find the cake that I wanted for Ethan's birthday.